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Cape complete

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10/2011 Cape finally complete. This was the first time I ever made a garment following a pattern.

While I may be a newbie to the pattern world, I have a background in technical design and I found the pattern to be quite troublesome (like many of the others who have attempted the pattern).

The hood is badly drafted, its really over sized and really took away for the otherwise tailored aesthetic of the cape. I redrafted my own version of the hood the end. The pattern instructions didn’t have lining, so I winged it and made up my own interruption of it anyway.

Other then that I have to say I am totally in love with the cape. The amount of compliments I get about this is incredible.

Material Notes

2m of a cashmere woolen weave and 2m of silk crepe for the lining.




New course

A year ago if you asked me would I ever do a fashion course, I would have probably laughed . But guess what? Sewing is addictive and really satisfying. I was getting feed up with just knowing the basics so I signed myself up for a dress making course in the Grafton Academy Dublin.  Super excited about making this pattern. It looked like a bit of a challenge, in conjunction with being super pretty and functional on a bike.

I found a really nice fabric store on Parnell St called Fabric Select, the sales lady there was super informative and had all the time in the world for me. Aside from the great service I picked up a beautiful Camel coloured wool cashmere blend.

Saturday Workshop

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Myself and the lovely Steph hit the Saturday print making workshop organized by the ladies at printblock.I create artwork for screen printing all the time for work. Alas its been soon time since I have done the entire process myself. The last time I have tried screen printing was many moons ago on Erasmus exchange, but never here in Ireland. I love the tangible nature of it, its certainly something I will be doing again.