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Sewing Web App

Its Easy as Pi

New Sewing Web App coming soon:

New to sewing? Want an easy to follow custom made pattern, made exactly to your measurements? A circle skirt is the ideal beginners choice . Easy as Pi has done the tricky maths for you. All you need to do is grab your tape measure and enter your measurements. You will whip a circle skirt up in no time following our simple instructions. Visit the forum to see examples of other users skirts. It’s as easy as Pi!

Watch this space.


{How To:} Printing and Tiling your Patterns

Could of done with this a few months back.

My personal tip for home pattern printing is pay attention to the test square if one exists. Sometimes pattern makers who supply downloadable patterns include a test square like -a 10cm box which says 10cm box for example.

test square

Its a really smart addition to  a downloadable pattern (not all patterns have them). You just whip out your ruler and double check the scale .  For a doubting Thomas like me ,I find this quite reassuring.  It would be such a pity and waste to start cutting a pattern out only to find the scale is incorrect. As my Dad likes to say, Measure twice cut once.

Pattern Runaway who supply the guide are a lovely little business and design some beautiful patterns.

I really want to make this next summer …..Scalloped hem shorts

Adventures in home printing

Using the Easy block stencil printing method I created these cushions as a gift for a friends birthday.

Printed cushion pair.

My chosen colour palette was more like the above, the picture does not do it justice.

As it was a big birthday of my friend , I chose a mature brown/grey cotton with a sateen sheen accented with muted neon piping and print.

Design sponge have a great piping 101 tutorial here.