{How To:} Printing and Tiling your Patterns

Could of done with this a few months back.

My personal tip for home pattern printing is pay attention to the test square if one exists. Sometimes pattern makers who supply downloadable patterns include a test square like -a 10cm box which says 10cm box for example.

test square

Its a really smart addition to  a downloadable pattern (not all patterns have them). You just whip out your ruler and double check the scale .  For a doubting Thomas like me ,I find this quite reassuring.  It would be such a pity and waste to start cutting a pattern out only to find the scale is incorrect. As my Dad likes to say, Measure twice cut once.

Pattern Runaway who supply the guide are a lovely little business and design some beautiful patterns.

I really want to make this next summer …..Scalloped hem shorts


Adventures in home printing

Using the Easy block stencil printing method I created these cushions as a gift for a friends birthday.

Printed cushion pair.

My chosen colour palette was more like the above, the picture does not do it justice.

As it was a big birthday of my friend , I chose a mature brown/grey cotton with a sateen sheen accented with muted neon piping and print.

Design sponge have a great piping 101 tutorial here.

New course

A year ago if you asked me would I ever do a fashion course, I would have probably laughed . But guess what? Sewing is addictive and really satisfying. I was getting feed up with just knowing the basics so I signed myself up for a dress making course in the Grafton Academy Dublin.  Super excited about making this pattern. It looked like a bit of a challenge, in conjunction with being super pretty and functional on a bike.

I found a really nice fabric store on Parnell St called Fabric Select, the sales lady there was super informative and had all the time in the world for me. Aside from the great service I picked up a beautiful Camel coloured wool cashmere blend.

Saturday Workshop

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Myself and the lovely Steph hit the Saturday print making workshop organized by the ladies at printblock.I create artwork for screen printing all the time for work. Alas its been soon time since I have done the entire process myself. The last time I have tried screen printing was many moons ago on Erasmus exchange, but never here in Ireland. I love the tangible nature of it, its certainly something I will be doing again.